A Shyfe Lyfe It Is [stupid people]

I don't know if you've been reading about the Shyfe Lyfe case in Memphis but it's really tragic story about the makers of some of the best new hip hop music around. This story first came out on A&E's "First 48 Hours" reality show. A guy, Talandus McCoy aka T and his accomplices Jeremy Young (J Rock) and a fellow named P went to get some tattoos at a local Memphis tattoo parlor. Then in a Xanax for tattoo deal gone wrong, the tattoo artist's wife gets shot and killed in the incident. It's a sad but interesting criminal case that you can watch online. I don't listen to hip hop music that much but I'd have to say these guys are really talented.

I'm really not sure what the status is but there's been a huge buzz about the Shyfe Lyfe murder case. I looks like the shooter/killer was J Rock and Telandus McCoy, supposedly the only guy affiliated with Shyfe Lyfe, was the getaway driver, and this P guy was the lookout.

It's kind of weird in the video because even though the suspects are speaking English, there's subtitles because of their accents. It's like a Memphis drawl but a lot harder to understand. Luckily, I was watching with a friend that is in hip hop production and is good at being able to understand people who speak fast.

If you don't know what the definition of Shyfe is, T lays it down in the first couple minutes of the video. It means something like sharp knife. Shyfe Lyfe, got it?