Interior Design Done With Video Mapping [COOL]

Exploring new home design concepts is a fun exercise.  Having to choose just one way to decorate a room though, can be filled with many heart wrenching decisions.  Enter the new age living room. 

A Chocolate Faced Woman (VIDEO)

A ten minute video of a women lying down on her back in a bath tub, mouth open, being covered with chocolate sauce.  Only a tight closeup of her face is shown, as the chocolate syrup slowly rises.  Is this art?  Is it just plain weird?  At ten minutes, is it watchable?

Pro Wrestlers Use Hypnosis, Breakdancing Ensues [WTF VIDEO]

This video is from CZWrestling (Combat Zone Wrestling) and I can say you've probably never seen anything like this before.  CZW is a 'hardcore wrestling' outfit that focus on an ultraviolent style of pro wrestling. Think razors, nails, ladders, and fire!  Everyone knows pro wrestling is fake but you have to give it up for the creativity here, which involves some variant of snake charming and old school breakdancing.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you The Osirian Portal

Young Tupac vs. Old Tupac on Respect For Women: [VIDEO]

At first Tupac was like, "I have a lot of respect for women...ultra respect for women."  Then he was all like, "B**ches ain't shit, we don't love them hos."  Watch the video to see the transformation of Tupac from jilted romantic to a jerk, hardened on thug life.