Nancy Grace Argues Radiation With Weatherman [Video]

Watch as talking head Nancy (Dis)Grace argues with a trained meteorologist about the radiation from the Japanese nuclear accident.  Although radiation from the Japanese nuclear reactor, in Fukishima  has hit the California coast, it is one-billionth of that needed to cause damage.  One billionth!

Dog Trainer Saves Dog's Life With CPR [VIDEO]

I realize the point of this blog is too poke fun but here's a feel good story for you feel good types that read this blog (all 2 of you!).  During a dog training session at Canyon Crest K-9 Training Center, in Tacoma, Washington, a boxer named Sugar collapsed to the ground and stopped breathing. 

Tsunami & Earthquake in Japan - According to Fox News [really stupid people]

Okay, I understand that there are some extremely ignorant people in America. I get it and accept it.  Luckily, a good portion of these people congregate at the same place online.  A place that I dare not tread, a place a wise man once called, 'The Bastion of Disinformation'.

Nightmare Snake Coming to a Toilet Near You [pics]

When I was younger, I went to visit my grandmother in Arizona, the land of reptiles and Republicans (start your conspiracy theories now) and remember seeing tiny snakes and lizards running amok inside the stucco walled confines of her pebble laden 'lawn'.  I was convinced that these little buggers would eventually infest her house and eventually take over her entire plumbing system.

Daniel Tosh Does Not Want To Play With Reddit

Funnyman (don't you hate that term?) and host of Comedy Central's Tosh.0, Daniel Tosh, was recently asked by the Reddit community to do an IAMA.  IAMA stands for 'I am a..." and is a very popular subreddit on the Reddit website.  Basically, famous people or people with interesting life experiences post a submission and then field questions from the community, answering ones of their own choice.

Charlie Sheen Dubstep Video [Crazy People]

I promised myself I wouldn't give in to the Charlie Sheen movement that's been going on, these last few days, but after seeing Charlie Sheen Bi-Winning Dubstep, even I had to give in.  The video is by a user at Youtube named DjEphixa.  Hell, I'm really not that into dubstep but watch the vid and give the guy who created it, the views that it deserves.

Girls Lighting Their Farts [Video]

What's sexier than a bunch of girls hanging out in their underwear, right? A bunch of stoner girls in their underwear lighting their farts on fire, that's what! Errr, well maybe not. If you have a female flatulence fetish, then you just struck gaseous gold but you'll have to excuse the rest of us normals as we vomit.  While not as shocking or disgusting as Cake Farts (look it up if you don't know and don't say I didn't warn you) this video may change the way you look at the female gender.

Interior Design Done With Video Mapping [COOL]

Exploring new home design concepts is a fun exercise.  Having to choose just one way to decorate a room though, can be filled with many heart wrenching decisions.  Enter the new age living room. 

A Chocolate Faced Woman (VIDEO)

A ten minute video of a women lying down on her back in a bath tub, mouth open, being covered with chocolate sauce.  Only a tight closeup of her face is shown, as the chocolate syrup slowly rises.  Is this art?  Is it just plain weird?  At ten minutes, is it watchable?

Pro Wrestlers Use Hypnosis, Breakdancing Ensues [WTF VIDEO]

This video is from CZWrestling (Combat Zone Wrestling) and I can say you've probably never seen anything like this before.  CZW is a 'hardcore wrestling' outfit that focus on an ultraviolent style of pro wrestling. Think razors, nails, ladders, and fire!  Everyone knows pro wrestling is fake but you have to give it up for the creativity here, which involves some variant of snake charming and old school breakdancing.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you The Osirian Portal

Young Tupac vs. Old Tupac on Respect For Women: [VIDEO]

At first Tupac was like, "I have a lot of respect for women...ultra respect for women."  Then he was all like, "B**ches ain't shit, we don't love them hos."  Watch the video to see the transformation of Tupac from jilted romantic to a jerk, hardened on thug life.

Edible Realistic Bleeding Heart Cakes for Valentine's Day

In need of a unique Valentine's Day gift for that special someone?  Lily Vanilli is making some kick-ass realistic looking red velvet sponge cake hearts for you to send your loved ones.  Besides looking utterly grotesque (I mean that in the best way possible) and delicious, 20% of all proceeds will be donated to Trekstock.  Trekstock raises funds through fashion and music and donates profits to cancer research.

Shake Weight Goes To The Gym [FUNNY VIDEO]

Ah yes, Shake Weight.  The TV informercial sensation that makes young boys (and men) giggle and ogle at the same time.  Shake Weight is just another in a long line of ridiculously stupid exercise products we Americans buy, only to be left abandoned in that spare bedroom or basement known as the 'Get In Shape Graveyard'.  Check out this parody video by Steve Kardynal:

Incredible Water Fountain Mini Golf Shot [VIDEO]

Check out this incredible putt-putt hole-in-one. I've seen a fair share of miniature golf trick shot videos but this one has to take the cake because it involves a water fountain, a ball struck in mid-air, and an incredible bank shot.  

Top 10 Plays of the 2010 College Football Season

I don't usually do a lot of sports here but here's a list of the top ten plays of the 2010 NCAA football season, as voted on by users at the social media side  Nominations were taken in the college football subreddit and then voted on to decide the top plays of the season.  The results are as follows:

Rubber: An Independent Film About A Killer Tire [WEIRD TRAILER]

If you're a fan of originality, creativity, and weirdness in filmmaking, the French filmmaker Quentin Dupieux's wacky new independent film Rubber might be right up your alley.  It's a film about a tire, hellbent on revenge for the way humans have treated his ilk.  The film conjures up images of Stephen King's Christine with more kitsch. 

Arthur, The Giant Irish Puppet Man [FUNNY VIDEO]

His name is Arthur and he's nearly ten feet tall and he can drink you under the table. 

Arthur at Dromore West, County Sligo, Ireland:

Starbucks Trenta Is Big & Might Not Fit Into Your Stomach [STUPID IDEAS]

Starbucks has just launched the new, larger than Venti, Trenta sized coffee.  The Trenta is listed by volume, as being 916 ml.  For us metrically challenged Americans, just how big is it?  A quick trip to Google shows that Trenta is 30.9736448 US fluid ounces.  According to the infographic below, that's just a bit more than the average capacity of an average adult human stomach. 

GTA 4 - Frictionless Car Chaos! Carmageddon 2 [video]

If you're finding yourself playing any of the Grand Theft Auto franchise games, here's a little video example of how you can change things up a bit.  Playing with frictionless cars doesn't require downloading a mod, it's just a simple edit to the config files. 

Lebron James: Karma Is A Bitch Painting [stupid people]

Oh, Lebron.  Mr. James is not doing much to dispel the prevailing opinion that he's an overgrown spoiled egomaniac.  After his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, lost to the L.A. Lakers by 55 points the other night, Lebron thought it would be a fantastic idea to rub some more salt in the wounds of Cleveland Fans, via Twitter.  He writes:

50 Cent Shows You How To Make Millions of Dollars On Twitter

50 Cent made nearly $9 million dollars just by Tweeting this past weekend, what did you do? This is a ridiculous amount of money to an ordinary person but then again, 50 Cent is a money making beast.  So how did he do it?  The rapper turned mogul, did it by pimping a penny stock he owned approximately 30 million shares in, H&H Imports (HNHI).  After his weekend Tweet campaign, (screenshots here) the stock rose .29 cents.

Darth Vader Bank Robbery Video In Rowland Heights [stupid people]

A man in Rowland Heights, CA attempted to rob a bank inside of a grocery store last, in get this, pink scrubs, a wig, and a Darth Vader helmet.  The perp allegedly approached a Bank of America teller sans light saber, preferring the sharp edge of an axe instead.  Stupid.  To say the least, it didn’t take L.A. County police very long to find this Sith wannabe.  Turns out the guy used to work at the Albertsons, where the bank was located too.

Playstation Move Sex Toy? [weird & nsfw]

I swear I wasn’t searching for “dildo” on Amazon, I swear it.  A friend sent this over to me and I assume it’s a real screen capture but it could be Photoshopped.

Penguin Walks All Over Seal [funny video]

More funny animal videos today...It’s just another day in the park for this penguin here as it non-chalantly walks over the back of one of its main natural enemies, the almighty seal.  Watch as the seal feels the wrath of the penguin and winces in pain.