Girls Lighting Their Farts [Video]

What's sexier than a bunch of girls hanging out in their underwear, right? A bunch of stoner girls in their underwear lighting their farts on fire, that's what! Errr, well maybe not. If you have a female flatulence fetish, then you just struck gaseous gold but you'll have to excuse the rest of us normals as we vomit.  While not as shocking or disgusting as Cake Farts (look it up if you don't know and don't say I didn't warn you) this video may change the way you look at the female gender.

Their Youtube channel username is FoulChicksTV (seems appropriate) and what makes this even more pathetic is the fact that it takes over two minutes of video before the girls get it right.  A true pyro girl wouldn't be so afraid of the flame, but finally the chicks learn that you have to get the lighter extremely close to the point of exit to reach maximum ignition levels.  Stay classy, girls!

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  1. Remember your anus and rectum inhale as well as exhale. You can burn your anus. The safest thing to do is right after you poop, light the top of the bowl. The gas is till there plus some emits from the feces. You will see a flame ring around the bowl.