50 Cent Shows You How To Make Millions of Dollars On Twitter

50 Cent made nearly $9 million dollars just by Tweeting this past weekend, what did you do? This is a ridiculous amount of money to an ordinary person but then again, 50 Cent is a money making beast.  So how did he do it?  The rapper turned mogul, did it by pimping a penny stock he owned approximately 30 million shares in, H&H Imports (HNHI).  After his weekend Tweet campaign, (screenshots here) the stock rose .29 cents.

50 Cent Million Dollar Bill

So let's do the math: thirty million shares multiplied by .29 cents a piece...that's $8.7 million!  That's significantly more money than Fifty made by shoveling snow a couple of weeks ago.  I'm no investor but it will be interesting to see how this stock fairs in the upcoming months.  Stay tuned.

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