Ashton Kutcher Beats CNN In Epic Twitter Race [stupid people]

ashton kutcher vs cnn
Ashton Kutcher defeats CNN as I fall asleep
In what can only be called boring, Ashton Kutcher has beaten CNN in their epic Twitter showdown and has amassed one million mindless drones to follow him on Twitter (yay!). According to media outlets such as Chartbeat and the Huffington Post, Kutcher (Twitter user @aplusk passed the one million mark sometime in the early hours of April 17th...mark this day down in stupid history.

It all started on April 15th or so when Ashton Kutcher challenged CNN to this idiotic race and said he'd doorbell ditch Ted Turner's door if he won. Ding Dong Ashton. Too bad Mr. Turner doesn't have anything to do with the newsite anymore. There are some good things happening because of this though, Kutcher pledged to give $100,000 to the Malaria No More Fund if he won so good on him.

Of course the online community has made this out to be a war between the small guy and big media. Its these people that are probably following Ashton Kutcher. I mean seriously, after That 70's Show what has he done. Punk'd was alright but did you ever see Butterfly Effect? I say garbage and as they say one person's garbage is another person's Tweet. By the way, when you use Twitter you Tweet people. As in, oh I just brushed my teeth, I feel like I should Tweet about that. I've heard older types and such call it Twittering. I guess you can't blame the old folks or those out of the loop for such idiocy.

I actually envy people who don't know about these things. There are times when I wish I didn't know about Tweeting, Plurking, or Googling. Lol.

At any rate, now that Ashton Kutcher has defeated CNN in the race for a million followers, now what? Will Twittermania die down? Right now I'm not sure if Twitter is just a fad or is really in it for the long haul. I think it can be useful if you want news. I know, I know, its hard to decide if you'd rather hear breaking news or what Demi Moore and Ashton ate for breakfast but whatever.

Hmmm, I just checked and CNN has passed the million mark too but too little too late, Ashton Kutcher is the King of Twitter.

Here's a countown video that Ashton was streaming on when he passed the one million mark.

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