50 Cent's Snow Shovel Hustle

Normally, Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent) says some pretty stupid things on his Twitter account but today he's doing something pretty interesting and funny.  In a tweet he sent out earlier today, 50 said, "I'm going out to shovel snow and see if I can make me a few extra dollars today. I'm charging more if they want to take pictures."

50 Cent Shoveling Snow

Evidently, the dude got some takers.  Check out the funny pic, never let it be said that Fifty doesn't work for his money!  He let out some additional tweets saying that he hired a few kids to help him out and that the entire stunt was 'to see if laws apply to every business. After the first job I got 4 more now I have 3 kid I hired.'

Nice job Fifty, now let us see you put out a decent record again!

Link to original photo.

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