13 Beers in 13 Miles: Man Runs SF Half Marathon & Drinks Beer For Every Mile [wtf]

free-beerOkay, this story is so weird I had to classify it as WTF?   So a blogger who writes about getting drunk while exercising decided to test his limits this past week and get completely hammered while running the San Francisco Half Marathon--that's 13.1 miles if you didn't know it.  It seems ridiculous to even think of doing something this stupid but as we all know, there are all kinds of people out there.

He outlines his game plan on his blog:

So I bought three beers at a time, and poured each 12-ounce bottle or can into a 36-ounce water jug. Holding the jug while I run, I can keep that fucker pretty steady — far more so than water bottles strapped on to my belt.
I studied the course map in detail to plot each beer stop, which is critical because miles 5-10 are on the Golden Gate Bridge and its on-ramps. Christ fucking knows there’s no liquor stores on that bridge.

Before attempting this stupid feat, people told him there was no way he'd survive let alone finish.  He proved them wrong, finishing in 5 hours but not before vomiting three times and blacking out during the eleventh and twelfth miles.  As amazingly idiotic as this stunt was, I have to say that I'm impressed.

You can read his entire story here: http://exercisingwhileintoxicated.wordpress.com/

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