Is Basil Marceaux The Next Governor of Tennessee?

It's not very often you get to see some honest to goodness comedy gold on the local news station but Channel 4 in Nashville, Tennessee did just that when they decided to let Basil Marceaux, a candidate for governor in Tennessee, speak live on the air.  Now, we've seen some idiocy before from Tennessee politicians but that was more enraging than funny.  I really shouldn't do posts on politics because it usually bores people but I promise this video will deliver.

I've done you all the favor of providing a transcript of Mr. Marceaux's YouTube video so feel free to read along if you can't understand wtf he's saying.  There are a couple phrases I couldn't understand, even after watching a few times so if anyone could help translate, that would be awesome.

I'm  Basil Marceaux dot com your Republican candidate for governor.  I'd like to recall all permit and registration for guns.  Everyone can carry guns, if you kill someone though, you get murdered, you go to jail.  I'd like to put plant grass or vegetation across the state where any vacant lot and sell it for gas(?) so we can use it for our expenses. Also, I'm going to remove all _______ flags from the state and fly a real flag with three stripes.  I also want to stop traffic stops.  Set it up like the Supreme Court ruling in the Knowles vs Iowa. Can't find an innocent car, you can't look.  I want y'alls to vote for Basil Marceaux.  I want you to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the republic in the morning, when you come out.  And we all pray to God and say amen.  Everyone have a nice day and I'll see y'all at the polls.  Thank you, have a nice day.

As much as a Yankee girl like me likes to make fun of The South, The Volunteer State can't be stupid enough to give this man more than a hundred or so votes--and those would be 'just for fun' vote-sies anyway.  I'll go on record now and say that if Basil Marceaux wins the Tennessee Republican Gubernatorial Primary, I'll eat my shoe (black Chuck Taylor). Prove me wrong, Basil!


  1. The ______ sounds like "gold fringed" but I think he actually says, "gold flinged".

  2. I don't understand what he means by "a real flag with three stripes"
    What flag is this?